Individual sessions

Are you experiencing anxiety, restlessness, (chronic) tension, negativity, feeling trapped, stress, loneliness, pain, anger or something else, and do you feel how this also settles in your body?
Or do you just feel nothing or not much and continue to fret?
Do you want change in a certain behavioral pattern of yourself or do you want to change something in your life and are not succeeding?
Do you want to experience peace, confidence,connection, feeling free, security, change.... experience in yourself, in your body?

Welcome for an individual session!

No prior knowledge is needed, you are completely welcome as you are and with all that is.
During an individual session we take the time to listen to you and your body.


How does an individual emotional bodywork® session work?

We start with an exploratory conversation to hear what brings you here and what you want to focus on. The rest of the session will be tailored to your needs and your pace. I will guide and invite you to feel more consciously in your body. This is often accompanied by more conscious breathing, movement, making sound, letting your body do what it wants to do.... All emotions are welcome here. Important is that nothing has to be done. You are always invited, guided to let what lives in you come to the surface, give space and see what it needs. In emotional bodywork® we start from 'self-responsibility'. This means that you as an individual choose to explore a theme in yourself and see what you need in it. As a facilitator, I am fully present so that what is alive in you can be set in motion in a way that is safe for you.

In addition, I make use of techniques from:

  • breath work,
  • focusing,
  • bioenergetics,
  • touching/massage
  • connecting communication,
  • mindfulness,
  • EMDR,
  • experiential bodywork,
  • body-oriented coaching...

Online, I tailor the exercises to you as well as the technical possibilities.

At the conclusion of the session, we reflect on your experience and what it could possibly mean for you in your daily life. Sometimes this is immediately clear, sometimes it comes later.

A first appointment is mainly about getting acquainted with an intake conversation and short body-oriented session.
The intention is to see if there is a match between you and me and if we can start a process together around your question. Sometimes only 1 or 2 sessions may be necessary or I may refer you to other colleagues who have other methodologies or specialties.


Where: individual sessions take place in Diksmuide close to nature on Mondays or Fridays and on Thursdays in Ghent at practice Grond within walking distance of Sint-Pieterstation


Timing:  online: 1h / 1h 15 min or 1h 30min.
There is the possibility of using kmo-portefeuille ism Nel vzw when taking 5 individual sessions of 1h 30 min.

Testimonial (student 18 year)

Thank you Annick for helping me making a step further in my personal development and going through the process of inner healing. I didn’t really know how my body would react to it or if my body has to say anything at all but after this session, I am 100% convinced about bodywork. I never thought that one session with you would help me letting go of my past and healing pieces that I didn’t even know existed. I felt so relieved and light after my experience with bodywork and I can kindly recommend it to everyone who also is curious about what his or her body has to say.

Testimonial A.R. (37 jaar)

A while back, I saw my life as a boat full of holes. And I was the one constantly scooping buckets of water to keep from going under. Half-sinking you went to work with me.

You taught me that the boat is not the essence. You taught me to trust my own strength. You taught me that I can also get there by swimming. It's ok to let go of the boat, it's ok to trust in myself and I have managed to swim so far, regardless of the difficult circumstances. Anik, I carry you warmly and sincere thanks for the mutual trust and safe environment where everything could take place.

Testimonial E.C:

Anik, I am so grateful with the 3 sessions I was able to receive with you. I put the music back on at home and the incredible thing is that I am dancing and singing along, something I haven't done for years and I find this so liberating! Sometimes I still have sad days but that is part of it. Every day I feel a little more confident and I know that everything is ok the way it is.
I have already said no a few times and now I also know that real friends and my children don't mind. What also surprised myself is that I can honestly say what I feel and that is also new to me. I know I will have some lesser moments but I hold on to the positive experiences.

I hope this is enough to encourage other people to come to you to experience the same metamorphosis that I experienced. To overcome the chimera and let go of the stuck pain and sorrow so they can enjoy life again, as I can now do so again as I could not for a very long time. It was an inner journey in a loving, intense way.

Testimonial T:

Anik's silence and undivided attention had a profound effect on me. No judgment. No feeling of "this is how it should be. Just a mirror in front of me. All the answers came from within myself. And then continued to come from within myself. Guided looking inward. Guided expressing the turmoil that is within me. The transformation is physical. And therefore deep. And only a week or so later do I realize it. T

Getuigenis emotioneel lichaamswerk ®: L.J.

I have been at home for some time due to burnout issues. My psychiatrist is more medication focused and an alternative such as talking to a psychologist I didn't really see as a solution at the time, what could she/he do about the extreme exhaustion and all these weird physical and neurological disturbances I am experiencing(s).... ?

I went looking for more support and so I ended up with a trainer in "emotional bodywork". From the very first (individual) session it felt good. Nothing has to, everything is possible. In a quiet environment and with accompanying support, you learn to "let go".

The exercises give me an energy that I thought was gone because of my exhaustion.

I also experience tremendous relief and this brings positive energy in its place.

The end of the session winds down with a rest period. After that you go out with energy yet inner peace, stronger. Even at night in your bed you are still incredibly relaxed ...

Testimonial Emotioneel Lichaamswerk®: L.L

Anyways, I want to thank you for your guidance and energy, it has been very helpful to me. The sessions have encouraged me to shut down certain things and make healthier choices. I also reawakened to the more creative side in myself, which I'm really happy about because I had lost that for a long time.

So from the bottom of my heart: thank you. I wish you all the best.

Thank you so much and see you again,

Testimony experiential bodywork: K.S.

Anik, you have given me new feet.

Testimonial focus: K.V.

Becoming still, focusing attention on the body. With the right guidance from Anik, I discovered my deeper need: "that of freedom.

Because of this awareness, I can now truly breathe deeper and feel less physical pressure on my chest. I now take care of my need and in my imagination I can always return to the image of freedom.

Testimonial EMDR: K.V. (57 jaar)

I had been struggling with burnout for quite some time. Through my psychologist, I came in contact with Annick. In the beginning I
held back a bit. I was not ready for it and I also had some trepidation about the unknown.

Without obligation I could first join for an exploratory interview. I did have a good feeling about it.
When you are in a burnout, you are more sensitive to things you have brought back from the past. There were two issues
I wanted to see addressed. Annick has different approaches. I'm not the person who releases
release. In consultation with her, the EMDR method was used.

What you want to address is discussed. From there, literal and figurative "steps" are taken in problem formation, approach,
feeling, power term and attitude. These are fixed through eye movements.

The approach surprised me somewhat. An unknown and unprecedented technique that has great impact. After the session
I had to recover a bit. Yet I had the feeling that I became stronger because of it. This has repercussions in daily life
on how I now deal with what was tackled.

For me it was/is a feeling of closing a period and being stronger.