Basic principles of body-centered work for coaches and therapists

Basic principles of body-centered work for coaches and therapists

This experiential 5-day for coaches/therapists teaches you some basic principles in body-centered work.

The first 4 days are thematic. We work around grounding/grounding, emotion work, breathing and boundaries. Each theme day is very experiential with practical exercises, where you make contact with your own body and what you can feel in it. These are interspersed with background information. We also explore how you can use these experiences in your own client work.

For example: How can I stay grounded myself during a session? How does it affect me when someone falls into sadness or anger? How can I stay with myself and at the same time open up to the client/coachee? How can I keep breathing in a relaxed way? What happens in me when a client approaches my boundaries? How do I react? Etc....

At the end of the day there is room for integration of what you learned/experienced that day.

The 5th day we come together for supervision where you can deepen what you encountered in practice.

Following this 5-day course teaches you:

  • connecting with your own body through grounding, breathing, physical exercises,...
  • how to ground yourself as a therapist/coach during conversations with your clients
  • how breathing can help you stay in touch with your own feelings during client conversations
  • experience how you sense your limits in contact with a client and how you deal with this
  • make contact with your own emotions and stay in contact with the client's emotions
  • how you can use simple exercises to help your client to ground, breathe relaxed, recognize/allow emotions, experience and indicate boundaries.

Mondays 2024: 5/02 – 4/03 – 15/04 – 13/05 – 24/06

Center ToBe, Hendrik Consciencestraat 20, 2300 Turnhout (parking Muylenberg).

For coaches and therapists interested in further training and deepening their knowledge of body-oriented work.

900 €

Nans Luyten, Willy Wuyts and Anik Claeys.

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